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Welcome if you have landed on this page is because you are looking for some information on our E-Dragon Age Group Coins. First let me congratulate you, it is not easy to get top 3 in your age group and you have done it so congratulations from us. 

E-Dragon believes is rewarding you beyond the standard so we created the E-Dragon coins which can be applied to various races that E-Dragon has through out the year. This is to explain to you the steps on how to apply your award to the race you want to use. 

15% OFF


12% OFF


10% OFF

First step: Pick a race from following list

Second Step:
Email with the following information
Subject: Edragon Age Group Coin
Email Body: What race you would like to run 
Attachment: Picture of the Number on the coin 

3rd Step:
you will get an email reply with your code for the event that you picked within 48 hours of your request. You have 30 days from email to register for the event. If you do not register for the event the coin code will expire and number on the coin will be voided. 

Thank you so much for supporting E-Dragon Productions events brought to you by runners for runners. 
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